Welcome to 21st IHPC / 15th IHPS

We are very glad to invite you to Melbourne in February 2023 to the Joint 21st IHPC (International Heat Pipe Conference) and the 15th IHPS (International Heat Pipe Symposium), which focuses on topics related to heat pipe technology, two-phase heat transfer devices and thermal devices.

We warmly invite you to participate in this conference, and to submit your best papers on different aspects of applied thermal sciences, from fundamental to applications, experimental techniques, numerical simulations to innovative technologies, with a particular attention to the passive two-phase systems and the physics underneath them. This includes any exciting new ideas, applications, results and methods from within the field. 

This exchange of information will take place in a friendly environment through oral presentations, poster displays, keynote addresses, informal meetings and technical exhibitions. This event will be delivered in hybrid mode with options of in-person as well as online participation. A variety of expert researchers, scientists and engineers from different institutions and industries around the world will be in attendance. Like the 5th International Heat Pipe Symposium – also held in RMIT Melbourne in 1996 – this will provide an excellent means of exposing two-phase technology and their application into the Asia Pacific region, as well as a platform for sharing, networking and collaboration on two-phase science within the broader audience. The conference will be the most valuable opportunity for all participants from industry and academia to share their professional knowledge and to network with experts. A large participation of academics and industry experts in the sector of thermal devices, electronics, renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, heat exchangers are expected.

Invitation message on behalf of the local organising committee

Chair, A/Prof. Abhijit Date, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Honorary Chair, Honorary Prof. Aliakbar Akbarzadeh, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Awards and Honors
Several awards will be given during the conference banquet:

George Grover Medal
The Committee on International Heat Pipe Conferences has established the George Grover Medal to honor individuals for their outstanding contributions to the development of Heat Pipe Science and Technology. The medal is named in honor of Dr. George Grover, who, with his first external publication in 1963 on heat pipes, laid the foundation for all heat pipe research and development. The award was  given for the first time at the 14th IHPC in Florianopolis, Brazil.

This award is given in two categories: Young Scientist Award (recognizing promising young individuals typically working in the field less than 10 years) and Distinguished Scientist Award (recognizing significant and sustained contributions in the field). 

Donald M. Ernst Award
This Best Papers Award category was established in memory of Donald M. Ernst by  his friends and colleagues to honor his achievements in the fields of Heat Pipe  research, product development and commercialization. It was given for the first time at the 16th IHPC in Lyon. The selection will be done by the International Heat Pipe Conference Committee from amongst the papers presented during the conference.  The award includes a cash prize and a certificate.

The award is given in two categories: (i) for fundamental research and, (ii) for technical/technology applications.

History of IHPC and IHPS

History of the International Heat Pipe Conference (IHPC)

1st IHPCStuttgart, Germany1973
2nd IHPCBologna, Italy1976
3rd IHPCPalo Alto, USA1978
4th IHPCLondon, UK1981
5th IHPCTsukuba, Japan1984
6th IHPCGrenoble, France1987
7th IHPCMinsk, Belarus1990
8th IHPCBeijing, China1992
9th IHPCAlbuquerque, USA1995
10th IHPCStuttgart, Germany1997
11th IHPCTokyo, Japan1999
12th IHPCMoscow, Russia2002
13th IHPCShangai, China2004
14th IHPCFlorianopolis, Brazil2007
15th IHPCClemson, USA2010
16th IHPCLyon, France2012
17th IHPCKanpur, India2013
18th IHPC and 12th IHPSJeju, Korea2016
19th IHPC and 13th IHPSPisa, Italy2018
20th IHPC and 14th IHPSGelendzhik, Russia2021

History of the International Heat Pipe Symposium (IHPS)

1st IHPSTokyo, Japan1985
2nd IHPSOsaka, Japan1987
3rd IHPSTsukuba, Japan1988
4th IHPSTsukuba, Japan1994
5th IHPSMelbourne, Australia1996
6th IHPSChiangmai, Thailand2000
7th IHPSJeju, Korea2003
8th IHPSKumamoto, Japan2006
9th IHPSKuala Lumpur, Malaysia2008
10th IHPSTaipei, Taiwan2011
11th IHPSBeijing, China2013
12th IHPS and 18th IHPCJeju, Korea2016
13th IHPS and 19th IHPCPisa, Italy2018
14th IHPS and 20th IHPCGelendzhik, Russia2021